WebCare Plan

The complete, all-in-one solution for getting your pet care business online. We have your online presence covered.

Give your business the website it deserves

The WebCare Plan is the perfect all-in-one solution for any pet care business owner who doesn’t want to or hasn’t got the time to spend on creating, maintaining and building their online presence for their pet business. After all, you started your business because you are passionate about caring for pets, not pixels!


The WebCare plan is your complete solution to getting your pet business website online, maintained, secured and kept up to date. We take care of your web presence whilst you take care of the pets

What is the WebCare Plan?

The WebCare Plan is the perfect all-in-one solution for any pet care business owner who doesn’t want to or hasn’t got the time to spend on creating, maintaining and building their online presence for their pet business. After all, you started your business because you are passionate about caring for pets, not pixels! Our WebCare Plan takes care of everything for you online. Just having a website isn’t good enough anymore, your website needs regular attention to make sure your potential clients can find, read and contact you when they need pet care.

Designing, customizing and maintaining a website is time consuming and buying hosting, a domain name and building your website can be quite a daunting and intimidating task to do, let alone making your website look good and function correctly on different devices.

With our WebCare Plan you don’t have to worry about a thing!

We will setup, install, configure, maintain, and customize your entire pet business website for you. If any problems arise with your website, we will be quick to resolve the issue. If you want to make changes to your website, we have you covered. Want to add new pages? change images? optimize your website for search rankings? We have you covered, it’s all part of WebCare.

Powered & Supported by the Best

We only use the best, most reliable software, tools, and apps to power WebCare.


Join over 35% of the entire internet and have a website with WordPress at it's core. You can achieve anything with your website when using WordPress.


Forget about SSL's, CDN's and PHP, WebCare has fast, secure and reliable hosting as standard (we do all the behind the scenes techie stuff for you as well!)

Premium Plugins

We'll install & maintain industry leading premium WordPress plugins. From speeding up your site's load time to securing it from unwanted visitors.

Prority Support

Our WebCare plan includes ongoing, fast and friendly priority support. We'll be with you at every step, so you can have your dream website.


give your Pet business the website it deserves

You concentrate on the pets and we’ll concentrate on the pixels!

What's Included in the WebCare Plan?

Everything your pet business needs for a successful web presence and more!

website essentials

Mobile friendly website with professionally written content, web hosting & domain name. Every website needs web hosting and a domain (web address) to be live online. We provide only the best website hosting for your pet business website from SiteGround hosting.

We’ll also take care of registering your domain name and connecting it to the hosting platform. WebCare also includes domain renewals, so your website will always be online. If you have already bought a domain name you would like to use, we can connect that to the hosting platform aswell.

Pixel Perfect Website

It's never been as important as it is today to have a website that is responsive. We only create responsive websites. So, whichever device that your website visitors are using, your website will automatically resize and reorder to be pixel perfection on their screen.

Domain Registration

We'll register your domain name and configure it to your hosting for you, so you don't have to worry about any techie stuff! The WebCare plan also covers your domain renewals, so there's no extra cost and your website will always be live and online.


We provide fast, reliable, and secure website hosting. We'll setup & configure all the features that come with your website hosting, including installing WordPress and installing a SSL certificate (green padlock) We have your website hosting covered.

Professional Content

All your website content will be written by professional content writers with experience of running successful pet care businesses. If you would like to write some or all of your content, just send it over to us and we'll add it to whichever page you would like.

On-Page SEO

We'll optimize your content and meta data so search engine's can understand your site better. We'll submit a sitemap to Google so it knows which pages you would like indexed. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be confusing, but don't worry, we've got you covered!

Image Optimization

Images can really slow a website down if they are not optimized correctly. We will optimize all the images on your website so they load superfast and they are the correct size and dimensions so they don't look blurry and distorted (never a good look!)

Load Speed Optimization

Nobody likes a slow website that takes an age to load, so we don't build them! Your website will be lightning fast after it has been built. We make sure that all the content and website elements are fully optimized so your site will be blazing fast for your visitors.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO or 'behind the scenes' SEO is to do with optimizing the infrastructure of a website. We will make sure your website is running on the latest stable version of PHP, implement structured data markup and optimize 404 pages amongst other geeky things!

Website Optimizations

WebCare includes a SEO focused website for both search engines and your website visitors. Getting ranked highly in Google (or any other search engine) can be an overwhelming task if you are new to SEO. But our WebCare plan has it covered.

SEO is made up of many moving parts. All of the SEO tasks we do as part of WebCare are done to improve your search engine rankings and to improve your website visitor’s experience when browsing through your website. Leave your competitors way behind in the Google rankings!

Ongoing website Care

When you become a WebCare client, your website is regularly monitored and improved. When you are a busy pet carer, your time becomes even more precious. You don’t want to be figuring out problems or updated different parts of your website in your spare time.

WebCare takes care of all the time consuming tasks that need to be done to keep your website in good shape and attracting new clients to your pet care business. We will install, configure and maintain premium plugins on your website that will improve your website rankings and improve your visitor’s experience.

Premium Plugins

WebCare includes many premium plugins that would cost hundreds if you were to buy them separately. From the 'techie' plugins that improve your site's performance to plugins that enhance the design and functionality of your site. They're all part of the WebCare plan.

Pet Business Web Design

Maintenance is key to any website. Your website needs to be updated & upgraded at regular intervals else things could quite easily go wrong! We'll keep on top of your website so everything runs smoothly and is as expected. If there's a problem, we'll sort it!


Website security is very important. We'll secure your website to the same standard as we secure our own. It's impossible to secure a website 100%. We put measures in place to make it extremely difficult for 'unwanted visitors' to gain access to anything that shouldn't.


Having a backup of your website is vital, just in case the worst should happen. We'll make a monthly backup of your site and it will be securely stored in the cloud. If you ever wanted to restore your website back to a previous version, we can get it done quickly for you.


give your Pet business the website it deserves

You concentrate on the pets and we’ll concentrate on the pixels!


Affordability and features are at the heart of WebCare. Hosting, SEO, domain, security & maintenance are just some of the features that are included in WebCare for an affordable price for any pet carer who wants to build a successful pet business.


As a WebCare client you can choose any of our website packs with the option to customize colors & branding. If you would like to add more pages that aren't included in the website pack, just let us know and we'll add it to your website.


We highly value every pet carer we help and like to build a relationship that is as unique as their pet business. But, you have the freedom to cancel your WebCare plan anytime, we understand sometimes things just don't work out.


We pride ourselves on giving fast, friendly support that draws from nearly two decades of web design, content writing & SEO experience. Tell us what you want and we'll make it happen. All support requests will be answered within 1 to 3 hours.

How Does WebCare Work?

We have made WebCare extremely easy to get started with. All we need are some details about your pet care business and how you would like your website to look, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

purchase Webcare

We have worked very hard to make the WebCare plan affordable for all pet businesses. Packed full of benefits for your business, it's overflowing with value!

Pet Business Details

So we can get started, we just need some details about your business. You will receive an email with a link to our info gathering form. Simply fill it out and send it back to us.

Have a Coffee!

Now we have your business details we'll get started on building your online presence. Keep an eye on your email though, so we can work together to create your perfect pet pixels!

WebCare at a Glance

Your complete, all-in-one solution to getting your pet business online. The WebCare plan includes hosting, domain name, content writing, ongoing security, backups, maintenance, customizations and a whole lot more. The industry-leading website design plan that will give your pet care business everything you need to start getting a steady flow of new clients.

Common Questions

We’ve covered the most frequently asked questions below, but If you can’t find the answer to your question, just get in touch with us.

Absolutely not. Once you have bought the WebCare plan, there is nothing else at all that you need to buy.

We can link your website to software and systems like Pet Sitter Plus, your social media channels and pet industry organization profiles etc

Yes. We will register and renew your domain in your name. The domain renewal fee is included in the WebCare plan so there is no extra cost to pay.

Of course, we want you to stay with us and allow us to help you build your online presence for your pet business. However, sometimes things just don’t work out and if you want to cancel your subscription to WebCare, simply send us a message and we will cancel your monthly payment within 24 hours.

For our own learning, we would like to know why you want to cancel, but you do not have to tell us if you don’t want to, we will still cancel your subscription as per your request.

We ask that, if you want to cancel, please make sure you let us know at least 72 hours before your next monthly payment is due, so we can cancel your payment before it leaves your bank account.

Tough question! Every website is different. Simple, small websites may take us 3 days to complete. Other larger, more complex websites could take 3 weeks to complete.

A key point to remember is, when filling out your business details for us, the more details you tell us about your pet business, the quicker we can create your website.

You own all the written content, your own images/videos and the page designs/layout and the domain name.

Yes. If you would like to edit, add blog posts or customize anything yourself, you are more than welcome to.

No, none at all. WebCare is designed to be a complete ‘hands-off’ solution for your pet business. We will do everything for you, just tell us what you want!

WebCare is designed for local pet care businesses. For example, dog walkers, groomers, boarders, pet sitters, taxis etc. However, if you would like a small shop (maximum 5 products) added to your pet care website, we can do that for you as part of WebCare (no extra fees)

If you would like your pet website to be solely an online shop/eCommerce store we are happy to create that for you. Please contact us for more information as the WebCare plan does not cover this.

Currently, we do not provide email addresses. However, we are working towards providing business email addresses as part of WebCare. We hope to release this service later this year.

If you are already a WebCare client when we release this new feature, we will let you know, so if you wanted to take advantage of an email address, we will set it up for you.

Our support hours are Mon > Fri – 8am – 5.30pm (UK Time)

If there are any urgent problems that arise outside of our support hours regarding your website, we will be on hand to answer any queries/questions.

All websites need hosting to be live online. If you cancel WebCare, your website will no longer be hosted by us, so your website will not be online anymore. All the pages/posts will be saved and sent to you in a zip folder, so the content will be still be intact and you can upload the folder to your new hosting provider.

All premium plugins will be deactivated as it is against copyright laws to keep them active if you are not paying for a service from the person/business who installed them.

Deactivated premium plugins will cause sections and elements of your website to not show /function correctly, you will need to purchase your own license for that particular plugin to get the sections/elements showing and functioning correctly again.


give your Pet business the website it deserves

You concentrate on the pets and we’ll concentrate on the pixels!

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