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Pet Care Pro

PetCarePro is a multipurpose ready made website powered by Elementor Pro. Ideal for dog walkers, groomers, pet taxi’s & pet sitters.


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Paws Pet Care

PawsPetCare is the ultimate one-page pet business website! All the sections you need are designed, ready and waiting for you!


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Four Paws

FourPaws is a sleak one-page website powered by Elementor Pro. Ideal for pet business startups – FourPaws will grow with you.


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Dog Nanny

DogNanny is a perfect ready made website for pet carers who offer dog walking, day care, grooming and other dog care services.


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Busy Pets

BusyPets is a multi-page, ready made website powered by Elementor Pro. Ideal for dog walkers, day care and all pet care services.


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PetLand is a fast ready made website, powered by Elementor Pro. PetLand shows your visitors why your business is the one to use.


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Walkies is a feature packed ready made website! It’s been built to encourage your visitors to get in touch and book a meet & greet.


Unlimited Color Options

Easily match the colors of your new website to your pet business colors. You have unlimited color options so if you change your mind, you can simply and quickly change your website colors.

Drag & Drop Page Editor

The Elementor WordPress plugin makes customizing and editing your new pet business website a breeze! You can simply drag & drop items around the page or point, click and edit.

Unlimited Font Options

You can find the perfect font for your website from the 952 Google fonts on offer or if you have one particular font you would like to use, you can upload it with the one-click importer. No limits!

Easy to Import

There's no settings or complicated code to mess around with to get your website uploaded. With 3 clicks of a mouse, your brand new pet business website will be imported and ready to customize.

Powered & Supported by the Best

You’ll be in safe hands when you purchase a website from us. Solid, reliable website performance and priority support.


34% of the entire internet is powered by WordPress. You can achieve anything with your website and build your pet business online.

Elementor Pro

Making your website your own is now super easy! No need for coding, just drag & drop to create your pixel perfect pet business website.

Prority Support

When you purchase a website from us, our fast, experienced support will be with you every step of the way with industry leading response time.

Priority Support Included

give your Pet business the website it deserves

Instantly download your new website and get started in seconds


Easily Customize Anything!

With the most user friendly drag 'n' drop page builder, your new pet business website will be looking exactly how you want it to, in no time

Layout & Setup

With all out pet business templates, you're able to change the layout, order of sections and the styling of your website, make the site truly yours.

Colors & Fonts

Use any color or font on your new pet care website, match your business branding perfectly to give the professional touch to your pet business.

Drag 'n' Drop

Customizing & editing your website couldn't be easier! Using Elementor, you will drag 'n' drop your way to the pixel-perfect pet business website!

Images & Text

Upload your own images and/or use the images that are included in your template. Move text where you want it to be, just by dragging 'n' dropping!

Our Websites Boost Your Pet Business

Feature packed, fast, affordable websites that will bring more people to your pet business. Friendly, fast, priority support by your side.

Boost Your Pet Care Client List

Your new website has been designed so it's ready to add your business branding & details exactly how you would like. Ready-to-use contact forms and meet & greet forms have been created for potential and current clients to easily get in touch with you. Along with the forms, your new website is ready to add your social media links, your service area, pricing and service information. Never miss out on another client again!

Ready-to-Use Website

Easily make your website into your dream website with Elementor. Drag & drop or point and click, that's all it takes to show your pet business in a professional, modern light. The layout for all your key information about your services, prices, service area and contact details have already been created for you, so you just need to replace the text with your information and customize with your branding.

Web Design For Dog Walkers Pet Sitters

Priority Support Included

give your Pet business the website it deserves

Instantly download your new website and get started in seconds


Simple & Powerful Website Editing

Whilst we offer a range of website services, many of our clients and pet business owners like to edit and customize their website themselves. There was a time when you needed to know a lot of code to successfully customize a website...but not now.

In fact, its never been easier to customize and edit your WordPress website. Elementor is the world's leading WordPress drag & drop editor, and for good reason. It gives you the power of WordPress and unlimited editing possibilities and at the same time, it's an incredibly user-friendly, drag & drop page editor.

If time is tight, we provide a range of affordable website care plans and packages that will save you time and money. Have a look at our website services and find one that suits your needs and time restraints!

SEO Focused Pet Business Websites

Our pet business websites have been created with search engine rankings in mind. Getting ranked highly in Google (or any other search engine) is quite often overlooked by website and template creators. Well, not us! All of our ready-made pet business websites already have many SEO factors in place to make it easier and more likely potential clients will find you when they search for a local pet carer.

SEO Optimized Pages

Our ready-made websites & templates are setup to get your pet business climbing to the top of Google. The higher placed your website is, the more potential customers will see it!

Device Compatibility

Whichever device that your website visitor is using, your new pet business website will automatically resize and reorder to become pixel perfection on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Optimized for speed

Each website is lightweight, meaning that it will load quickly and your website visitors won't get bored waiting for your site to load and click away! Plus, Google loves fast websites!

Conversion Focused

The main goal of our websites is to turn your website visitors into paying clients. We've added contact forms, click to call phone numbers, meet & greet booking forms and maps, amongst other things!

Priority Support

All premium websites include our top notch, 30 days priority support. From site customization and design to optimization and SEO. Why struggle? Just ask us for a quick solution.

Affordable for all

We've worked hard to make our websites affordable for every pet business. All of our premium websites are $79 each. Affordable for established pet carers and startups.

Professional design

Each website has been designed and created by professional web designers with 20+ years experience of creating successful sites. Give your potential clients the right first impression.

Limitless possibilities

All of our websites know no limits! Whether you want to add an online shop or online payments, it can be easily done with our premium websites. Don't be held back by theme options anymore!

Affordable Websites Packed with Value

Getting a website for your pet business can be expensive. We work tirelessly to bring you modern, professional websites that are packed with amazing value. We are always looking for ways to include more features and elements to our websites and web services. Having a pet care business website designed and created can be costly. But we have taken a large amount of that expense away so you can start your pet business in a much better position.

Easy Drag 'n' Drop Editing & customizing

Want to change your website's colors, text, or images? It couldn't be easier. With the Elementor page builder plugin, customizing and editing any part of your website has just got a whole lot easier! Long gone are the days of needing to know code to edit your website. Easily drag, drop, point and click your way to the pet business website you've always wanted with our Elementor powered websites - No techie skills needed!

Elementor Editor

The Elementor plugin for WordPress is used by over 5 Million people and has thousands of five star reviews, you can trust in, and rely on it to make your pixel perfect pet business website.

Instant download

Your new website can be downloaded instantly after purchase. No more waiting around for weeks or months to get started! Simply upload it to your WordPress website in 3 clicks.

100% customizable

There is nothing you can't customize on your new ready-made pet business website. Colors, fonts, images, and layouts are all easily editable with the beginner friendly Elementor plugin.

Earn more money

With our Elementor powered websites, it's easy to achieve whatever you want. You can easily expand your website to earn more income for your pet business , the possibilities are endless!

Common Questions

We’ve covered the most frequently asked questions below, but If you can’t find the answer to your question, just get in touch with us.

Once you have bought your website from us, you will be redirected to your receipt page, where you can download your website and save it to your computer from there. We will also send your receipt to the email you provided when buying your website, the link to download your website will also be in that email. Then simply, upload your new website to your WordPress website via your Elementor template library.

To upload and install your new pet business website, simply upload the folder (that you have downloaded after your purchase) to your Elementor template library. This folder contains every page template, image and element that makes up your website. Then, all you have to do is create a new page(s) in WordPress so your website can be displayed. For example, if the website you have bought has a contact page, create a page in WordPress and name it ‘Contact’ and simply import the Contact page template on to that page (2 clicks of a mouse!) If you would like a step-by-step guide, take a look at this guide.

All websites need to have web hosting and a domain name, these two items are essential to get any website live online. Our ready-made websites and templates are powered by Elementor & Elementor Pro. The Elementor WordPress plugin is free and the Elementor Pro plugin is just $49.

If you opt for our setup & Installation service, we include Elementor Pro as part of the service. So, we’ll not only set up and install your new website so it matches the demo, but we’ll also install and setup Elementor Pro for you, so you do not need to buy Elementor Pro as it’s all part of our setup & installation service – the perfect service to save you time and money!

If Elementor Pro is not active on your WordPress website, our premium websites will be missing key elements, sections and in some cases, the whole page template will not display. Contact forms, price lists, the website header and footer rely 100% on Elementor Pro to display and function correctly.

Yes, just add our setup & installation service to your order when checking out. We will install, set up and configure everything for you, your website will look exactly like the demo of your chosen website. So all you need to do is customize you website to fit perfectly with your pet business. See the full details and find out what else is included in our installation service.

Our pet business websites and templates are created by using the latest, highest quality software and tools. Currently, there are over 50,000 plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory. It’s impossible for us to say that our websites & templates will be compatible with 100% of the available WordPress plugins, it is highly unlikely that you’ll run into any plugin conflicts, if you do, we’re here to help.

Simple, because our templates and websites are created using WordPress and Elementor, you will see a notification alert on your WordPress dashboard letting you know that an update is available. To update anything, you just need to click on the update button! It is always advisable to make a backup of your website before you update any theme or plugin, just incase something goes wrong.

Priority Support Included

give your Pet business the website it deserves

Instantly download your new website and get started in seconds

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