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Perfect for New Pet Businesses and Pet Carers with a Small Startup Budget

The perfect, free website design for new pet business startups who want to get online quickly and for free! MuddyPaws website is extremely user-friendly, your visitors to your new website will have no problem finding out what pet care services you offer, your service area, getting in touch with you or booking a meet and greet.

MuddyPaws - A Free WordPress Website Template for Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Pet Care Businesses. Start Your Pet Business Website for free!

Price: FREE

MuddyPaws Pet Care Template

Our free MuddyPaws Pet Care website template is the perfect solution for any pet care business starting up on a budget. The free pet template contains multiple sections for you to use however you would like on your pet care website. The template is a one-page, complete website. You can get your pet business website online quickly, easily and for free.

The predominant colour of this free pet care web template is purple, which is perfect for your pet business web design. The free template is lightweight, so your website will load quickly and MuddyPaws Pet Care is SEO friendly, helping you to get to the top of the search results quicker and easier.

Perfect for pet care businesses who provide:

  • Dog Walking
  • Pet Sitting
  • Dog Training
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Taxi

Your business website will easily outshine all of your competition! The MuddyPaws Pet Care website template will attract customers to your business through it’s ease of use, clarity and the friendly but professional style it brings to your new website design. The MuddyPaws Pet Care template relies on the power of Elementor. The Elementor plugin is free to download. Elementor also offer a Pro Version of the plugin which starts from just $49. With the Pro version you can expand and add more elements to your website. Find out more about Elementor Pro.

We personally use Elementor Pro on all of our projects, templates and designs and we wholeheartedly recommend it. From building small, local dog walking and pet sitting websites to complex Veterinary, pet supplies and pet adoption websites, Elementor gives you ability to use the power of WordPress as a simple drag ‘n’ drop website builder.

Need help to install & customize MuddyPaws Pet Care Template ?

Just let us know, we’re happy to help!

The MuddyPaws Pet Care template is perfect for any dog walking and pet care business. Get your pet business web design done quickly, easily and for free!

To gain more from our free pet business template, we highly recommend the Elementor Pro plugin. The Elementor Pro plugin isn’t essential for our free pet care template to work, however, it will enable you to expand and add more professional touches to your free pet business website.

You’ll be dragging ‘n’ dropping your way to your dream website in no time!

Powerful, Flexible WordPress Templates For Pet Businesses

Your website is your prime asscet when it comes to advertising and marketing your pet business, it’s there 24 hours a day always ready to answer questions from potential clients. Our free pet website template does everything you need it to do for a successful website and a successful pet care business website.

Our free pet wordpress template is powerful and adaptable. It’s perfect for startups who are looking to grow into a true professional pet care business and it is also ideal for established pet care businesses who want to expand and grow their pet business website without breaking the bank!

The MuddyPaws Pet Business Template (and all of our future free pet business templates) are built to convert your website visitors into paying clients, with a meet and greet request form easily accessable to your visitors at the top of your website.

To improve what your pet business website can do, MuddyPaws Pet Business Template supports all free and premium WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce (if you wanted to add a shop to your pet business website), SEO plugins such as Yoast, SEOPress (our personal favorite and the one we use!) and All In One SEO and of course, Google Analytics and Facebook Plugins can be easily added to our templates. Basically, any WordPress plugin that’s available!

Pixel Perfect On Any Device

Thanks to the free Elementor WordPress plugin, your new pet care website is pixel perfect on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. If you want to hide an element on tablet, for example, it’s as simple as one click of your mouse! We have designed the MuddyPaws Pet Care Web Template so it is already mobile friendly and responsive, your website will look stunning and it’ll be easy to use on any device. But if you want to edit and customize it, we won’t take any offense!

Installing MuddyPaws

Installing our free pet business website couldn’t be easier! Once you have downloaded MuddyPaws, simply right click on the zip folder you have just downloaded and select ‘Extract All’ There are two templates that will be extracted from the zip folder, the first template is the MuddyPaws website and the second template is the Meet & Greet form.

Firstly, import the MuddyPaws template via your Elementor library (WP Dashboard > Templates > Import, then select the MuddyPaws file) and secondly, import the Meet & Greet form via the WPForms tools tab (WP Dasboard > Hover over WPForms and select Tools > Import, then select the Meet & Greet file) For more help and a full step by step guide to installing and setting up our free pet business website, take a look here.

We're Always Here To Help

If you get stuck installing MuddyPaws, don’t worry! Just send us a message and we can help you get your new business website up and running in no time.

We’re super happy to provide MuddyPaws Pet Business Template for free. We do this so that you and every pet business owner or startup can afford to get a great website for whatever pet business you want to start.

We also provide a complete ‘done for you’ service aswell, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll take care of your web presence and driving new clients to your pet business whilst you take care of the day-to-day running of your pet care business.

MuddyPaws - Free Pet Business WordPress Website Template

The MuddyPaws WordPress template contains all the sections you need to get new clients contacting your pet business. Sections include:

Limitless Customization

No limits on MuddyPaws!

100% Customizable

There's nothing you can't edit with the free MuddyPaws Pet Business Template. The template layout has been designed to encourage your website visitors to contact you, but we won't be offended if you want to change it! Easily make the template match your brand.

Ecommerce Ready

Easily add a shop to your website. Our free pet website templates are ready to go if you decided you wanted to open an online shop to grow and earn extra money for your pet business. Just add a free WordPress plugin (3 clicks of your mouse) and start selling, easy as that!

Social Media

You have a great following on social media, so why not put your accounts on your website (and get more followers!) With the MuddyPaws Pet Care Template it couldn't be easier to include your social media accounts on your website and gain more pet care business clients.

Responsive Design

Our free pet website template is 100% responsive, meaning that whatever device your potential clients are using, they're going to find your website looking amazing, easy to use and importantly, find all the information they need to know about your pet services.

unlimited color options

Whatever color your pet business branding is, you can simply and easily match it on your site. Branding is a vital part of any pet care and dog walking business, the MuddyPaws Pet Business Template can be easily customized to match your business branding.

Blazing Fast Loading Time

Our free pet business website templates are super fast! Each template is lightweight so it loads quickly and your website visitors won't get bored waiting for your website to load and click away. Also, Google loves to rank fast websites higher than a sluggish website!

Need help to install & customize MuddyPaws Pet Care Template ?

Just let us know, we’re happy to help!

What's Needed to Get Online

Nothing special, just the usual!

Web Hosting & Domain Name

If you are installing the free MuddyPaws Pet Care Web Template yourself you’ll need web hosting and a domain name to install the template onto. Every website needs hosting and a domain name to be visable on the web. We recommend SiteGround for both your hosting and your domain name (it’s what we use!)

The customer support from SiteGround is exceptional, especially their live chat feature. You are connected in minutes and your questions are answered equally as quick. Take a look at all their features and grab a 70% discount.


WordPress powers over 35% of the entire internet. The reason why it surpasses any other website platorm out there (by millions upon millions of websites) is because it gives you the ability to do whatever you want to do with your website.

SiteGround comes with a ‘one-click’ WordPress installer, so it couldn’t be easier to start your pet business website using our free to download pet website templates. Simply add the Elementor Plugin and your template becomes super easy to customize with a Drag and Drop interface.


WordPress also gives you ability to add plugins. Plugins are little bits of code that can have a huge effect on your website, from changing the color of some text to building complete websites.

You can get both free and paid plugins for your website. To install and customize our free pet website templates, you only need two free plugins to make your free pet business website look exactly like the demo. They are Elementor and WPForms. Simply add these two plugins via your WordPress dashboard and you are good to go!

Help & Support

We fully support all of ready-made pet business websites and templates, whether they are free or premium. If you get stuck or you’re unsure about customizing your new free website, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

The Elementor plugin is a simple but extremely powerful plugin that enables you to change any aspect of your website, all in an easy to use Drag and Drop dashboard. Elementor also has an excellent support team. They are also there to help and sort out any problems or questions you may have.

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